Keep It Safer

Keep It Safer 1.0

System Requirements Keep It Safer will run on computer system...

System Requirements Keep It Safer will run on computer system that meet minimum requirements. Minimum System requirements:Hardware: Pentium II class processorOS: Windows 2000/XP/VistaRam: 64MBHard-disk free space: 1MBVideo: 800*600,True colorsMicrosoft.

NET Framework v2. 0 or later For improved performance, we recommend: Hardware: Pentium III class processorRam: 128MB Tested configuration: - Windows 2000/XP/Vista- Microsoft Framework 2.

0 or later Vista requirements: - You must have administrator account- UAC (User Account Control) must be turned off! To do that goto Control Panel/User accounts Click 'Turn User Account Control on or off' Un-check 'Use UAC to help protect your computer' Click 'OK' Restart pc Features Green list: Software added into this list will be protected from shut-down.

Its work will be supervised, and if any problem (like 'not respondingquot;) occure, it will be restarted. When Keep It Safer realize that software is not running, it will start it immidiatelly.

It is recommended that you put in this list all your personal software needed for your company or you personaly to run all the time. And to be secured, in a way that any crash will restart it in a second!

Yellow list: This list will contain software that should be protected from shut-down, and keep it running all the time. Unlike Green list, software work in this list will not be supervised, so software could work with problems.

Red list: If there are software products that you want to forbidde to start on your PC, you can add it into this list. Any starting will result in immidiate closing.

What could you add into this list? Well, we think that quot;Registry editorquot;, quot;System Configuration Utilityquot;, etc. are programs that shouldnt be started by anybody, except professionals.

Also, there are cases that you could forbidde for your emloyees to start games like: quot;Solitairequot;, quot;Pinballquot;, or someone else.

To forbidde your child to go on internet, you can add all web browsers in this list. Folder guard: There are many software on the internet that can secure folders in a way to lock it, or hide it.

This Keep It Safer feature will not do that. It will just keep your folder hierarchy. If user try to rename files/folders inside of it, Keep It Safer will get back to original.